Olnas Magic was founded in 2014 with a simple aim:
to create the kind of magic we would be proud to put our name to.

Luke and Scott have been friends for years, and the journey began in 2013 when Luke approached Scott to get involved with an effect he was creating. The result was The Jekyll & Hyde Test; a powerhouse of a book test that could possibly become one of the best of its time. The road was not an easy one; endless late nights, an unhealthy amount of caffeine, reworking the routine more times than either of them care to remember, and once it was finally finished, there wasn’t much in the way of an outlet for the ‘little guy’.  It was then that Luke and Scott decided to go it alone, and set up Olnas Magic.  In the years that have followed, Olnas has grown into its own entity, becoming involved with some of the biggest companies in the Magic world, and Luke and Scott have had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspirational magicians on the planet, including Peter Turner, Myke Phillips, and Rus Andrews to name but a few.

Olnas has consulted for magicians in various capacities, and provide a professional service that offers 2 heads for the price of 1. If you have an idea, or want some help sourcing or developing an effect, then get in touch.

Meet the minds behind Olnas Magic

Scott Olgard

Scott’s entry into the magic world was rather a late one.  In his childhood, he had an extremely inquisitive mind and had to know how everything worked.  This wonder into the workings of everything proved to be instrumental in Scott’s later life when he began practising and creating magic.  He is the analytical left brain of Olnas magic, and approaches every effect in a logical, objective manner.  Scott is the part of Olnas that is more at home researching, reading old books that people have forgotten about, or never heard of in the first place and creating new plots based on old premises.  He strives for perfection with everything that is brought to Olnas Magic.

Scott truly began his journey into magic in 2006, when he read ‘Tricks of the Mind’, by Derren Brown.  This was the book that sent him down the rabbit hole and into a whole world of crazy.  Since then Scott has been obsessed with the magicians of yesteryear, and although his passion lies with cards, he also enjoys mentalism and other aspects of magic.  He brings a level of sophistication to his performances, which are commonly slower and more mystical than the run of the mill ‘effect-a-minute’ performers of today.  In his own words, ‘the world is on hyper drive, it’s important to slow down from time to time, to truly take everything in.  It is only then that we can allow real magic to happen to us.’

Luke Jonas

Luke is a natural performer. From a young age, he has used his skills to entertain and make everyone in his presence feel at ease.  Introduced to the art of the con in his teens, Luke began to weave hustles and bar bets into his confident persona and develop his skills.  From here, the crossover into magic was a natural one, as Luke began to delve deeper into the art form.

Luke is the charismatic, intuitive right brain of Olnas Magic.  He is at his best when entertaining crowds large or small, and follows his instincts at all times.  Before Olnas, Luke spent 3 years in the British army pretending to defend his country, but mainly learning all the magic he could and entertaining his fellow soldiers.  It was here that Luke was able to hone his skills in audience management, and truly become aware of how tricks work in the real world.  He instantly knows how a potential effect will play to an audience and how best to present any piece of magic.  Luke’s background is in mentalism and cards, but his passion lies in the performance.